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still thinking about music theory

My mom called this morning at 8:30. A lady from the music department called my aunt last night, and my aunt called my mom. The lady had said that if I stayed in my music theory class and was not majoring or minoring in music, then I would have to fight all the way through the semester. My first thought was, this is not fair. I should be able to take the class as an elective just like any other student. I was also really mad that the lady had not called me directly. I was mad for an hour and a half.

Then I had to go to chapel. I wanted to stop being mad and listen to what God wanted me to do about this. Going to chapel was a relaxing time for me, and then I could think more clearly. I called my advisor, and she was able to change my schedule so that instead of taking Music theory at 1:00, I am taking Bible at 10:00. I really do not regret the choice I made. At 9:00 this morning, I was more concerned with winning a battle than with getting my degree in education.

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