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what happened at dinner

I went to supper with Jen's roommate, Rebecca. Anyway, Rebecca and I sat down with this guy who rides the East Side bus with me. This was the second time I had seen him at supper. The first time he was alone and had sat with some people who had an extra seat, I guess. They had left. The other girls I was with thought he was kind of weird. He reminds me of one of those really smart people who is so smart and serious that he has trouble relating to other people.

He was alone again, and the people he had been sitting with had left. I started thinking about that. He had been alone both times I had seen him at supper, and he was never with anyone on the East Side bus. "Do you always eat by yourself?" I asked.

"I eat with whoever I find," he said.

If you ask me, that sounds like a lonely guy. His answer to my question was exactly what I would have said up until now. But now I am becoming more vocal because those answers didn't get me anywhere. It's funny that even when I say exactly what I think, very few people hear me. What does it take? All this just makes me more aware that people are crying out all around me and that I need to listen because their cries take on so many different forms.


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