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reflections on concerts and church

Last night I went to the Many Moods of Christmas with my cousin. Truth was one of the groups that was there. They were good!!! Gloria read this poem about a person who visited his old great-aunt at Christmas after she had had a stroke. It was talking about how he didn't want to because he didn't want to face the pain of seeing someone who was once so full of Christmas so sick. It was really good. He ended up having a very special time.

Then truth sang this neat song, but before it someone read this thing about how Jesus was not a great singer or writer or anything like that. "He was just an ordinary person, and he took time to talk to people when he could." That really touched me. I know that I don't have to be superwoman, but while I was there I wanted so much to sing. I know that if I am meant to do it, it will have to happen in God's timing. But the waiting is awful.

Today Bill Gaither taught Sunday school. He talked about depression, and I am in another one. He said the way to get out of it is to give to someone else. Well, I want to. I want someone to count on me again the way Dieter did, but I don't feel like anyone does. I feel like if I died everything would just go on without me. You know, people would say, "Oh, well."

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