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lunch with Doug and thoughts on songwriting

I went to lunch with Doug again yesterday. We talked in the Haven for an hour and a half, and then he asked if I would go to the practice rooms and play something for him. I played "We Are the Church." That was my Bible project, you know. He said it was exactly what he said in his paper. Then he asked me to play another one. I did one that I wrote the summer between my junior and senior year which is called "A Very Special Friend." He told me I convey emotion very well in my songs. That really touched me because that is what I want to do. Without emotion, my music is nothing. "It's not a song till it touches your heart," Amy Grant sang.

I felt so inferior when I was singing in chapel the other day. Julie and Melissa were singing with me, and another girl sang a beautiful Sandi Patti song and did a beautiful job. They are all music majors and sing in little groups and the Anderson University chorale, and I don't even sing in women's chorus. I was there because I wanted to be there. "Maybe that should be my strength," I said.


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