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Ohio visit

I have been saying I was going to Ohio for the past eight weeks, and I finally did. I have a topic for a new song. This morning some students from the band that my cousin plays in at school played at my uncle's church. I had a chance to talk with their director before church.

"Christa is one of my favorite students," she said. "She's a good friend."

I thought, this is a person who really needs something. I found her talking with my aunt in the sanctuary after church. "Sometimes I think things will be okay," she said, "but then something has to destroy it. I just have to go to church on Sunday and listen to Amy Grant and hope things will be okay."

"I'm thankful for teachers like you," my aunt said. Erin started to cry. She wanted so much to make a difference in her students' lives, to give them a little strength and hope. She wanted to see them become mature, satisfied adults. She was feeling the same discouragement I have seen so many teachers feel. I cannot forget to pray for her. We need more dedicated teachers like her.

My aunt said it's neat that Christa has a teacher who prays for the students. "Sometimes I feel like all that's left to do is pray," Erin said after we had all had lunch together.

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