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talk with an old friend

My grandmother called earlier and gave me the surprise of my life! "Guess who was at church today," she said.

I had no idea. I thought she was going to say someone like some person who never comes, or maybe someone was visiting from out of town.


What in the world? I thought. How? Well, as it turned out, his dad was able to get him out on bond. All he has to do now is to get through the trial. "I know the Lord can work miracles," his dad told Gramps. I think it's neat that this has allowed his dad to develop and express his faith in God.

I just talked to Kevin. This will make my phone bill one of the highest I have ever had, but the call was well worth the money. He has been writing poems. His poetry is very thoughtful and well-written. He recited one of his shorter poems to me, "Justice." I realized that he has probably felt unworthy of God's love. He knows that only God could deliver him from our society's cruel eagerness to deal out "justice" in its anger.

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