September 13th, 1990


reaching out for a friend

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I thought very seriously about whom I could tell about my deep loneliness. I did not know how much fear I was holding back until I started wondering who in this world would be receptive to it. Who would hear me with care instead of sympathy? Who would be a friend instead of an adviser?

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"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path," David wrote. As I returned from my liberal arts class, I understood his words. I had read God's Word and learned about a man who had taken a much larger step of faith than I had ever had to take. I had taken what seemed to be the biggest step I could take, and the Lord had shined His light on the road I should take. By taking that step, I had opened my heart enough that He could reach out to me and release some of the fear that kept me from growing. This time the praise I lifted up to Him came from my heart as well as my mouth. I had prayed so fervently for a friend, and I knew that God had heard me.

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