March 21st, 1991


recommitting my life

"Undivided Heart" by Twila Paris has found new meaning for me today. I was selected to sing "We Are the Church" in next Thursday's chapel service. I am excited, but I really do want to glorify You. I felt Your call so strongly in the beginning! The desire to be recognized did not even enter my mind. Then it did, and I have to admit that lately my desire has not been to glorify You.

Last Sunday I sang "I Commit My Love to You" at Mike's church. That song and "Cry for the Desert" became very real to me that weekend. I wanted to glorify You in that moment, to allow You to reach out and touch those people through that song.

I want my life to be a journey with You. I want to submit to You daily and to strengthen my relationship with You. I want You to teach me to recognize what is true. I want You to give me a burden for people and to teach me how to be You to them. I begin by opening my mind and heart to You today.

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