July 28th, 1993


problems at camp

On Saturday I went with the camp kids roller-skating. One of the staff asked if I was "just here to hang out" and kind of got on my case and said they had to transport the staff and volunteers and could not transport observers. I got kind of mad because the director has known since March that I wanted to volunteer, and that is why I have been going. Yeah, I've been getting some observing done, but so what?

So Monday I went and talked to the director. He said he knew that I wanted to volunteer and he would talk to the staff about that. I told him that I knew it wasn't practical for me to do everything, but that with Elli I didn't need a sighted guide, and I could even be one. I also told him that the kids are asking a lot of questions and always ask me to come back. I think it's important for them to meet other visually impaired people. Two of them told me they didn't know they could even go to college. One is thinking about getting a dog. That's the kind of thing these "staff" people don't have time or energy to talk about with them. T always wants to know when I'm coming back. I saw her the other day on her way to cooking, and she asked about it. If none of the kids said anything, I would have quit when G talked to me.

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