November 4th, 1994


thoughts on the Holy Spirit

I've been reading about healing, Lord. On one of Brennan Manning's tapes, he talks about the gift of healing. I want to have that, Lord. I want to be able to lay hands on someone and be a minister of Your healing. I want to have the faith to speak into others' lives.

Lord, earlier this week, You said to ask for the faith I needed and didn't have. I asked, and You gave it to me. I am asking again, Lord, because I want to experience Your love and power fully. I want to be close enough to You to see Your heart and know when You want to work a miracle in someone's life. I want to be bold enough to respond to Your prompting and be used by You.

Lord, I know that to be filled with Your Spirit means to have access to all the gifts when they are needed. Please fill me with Your Spirit, Lord. Fill me like You have never filled me before.

Thank You for giving me faith and the desire to be closer to You, Lord. Thank You for touching me and for lifting me out of the place where I was.

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