February 1st, 1995


Blessed are the poor in spirit?

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I keep thinking that You are talking to me about witnessing. Thinking about the chance I had to talk with Patty yesterday, I can see that You are talking to me about witnessing. But, Lord, I feelso unready--even unworthy to witness! I am not very faithful to You with my quiet time. How can You trust me to witness? How can I ever be ready?

Yesterday I told Patty that I would not put school before church. I thought that was pretty cool witnessing... But I've been putting school before my quiet time. The church was my god instead of You, Lord. Please forgive me for this. You know how much help and self-control I need to get this schoolwork done. It feels like I need more time than I have. I need You to help me. I need the strength and energy to do what I have to do to catch up.

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