April 27th, 1995


notes on healing

I've been praying for a friend who has been having seizures. I believe that God wants to heal her. The situation has drawn my interest in healing away from myself and more toward God. Four years ago I was hurt when a girl suggested that healing should be a basic part of Christianity. Anger that I had not been healed clouded my understanding. But why, if believers were given authority to lay hands on the sick and cast out demons, shouldn't these things be basic to our Christian experience? If this was only for the disciples, then what relevance does it have for today? It is an example of Jesus' power. What relevance does that power have if it is not to be displayed today? If Jesus is the Savior today, then why shouldn't he be the Healer today?

My anger then was that God had not healed me. My anger today is that people are not acting on God's Word. In this case, people tell me that my friend needs psychiatric help or more counseling or more medical testing. Well, never mind whether or not it comes from Christians. There may be a need for one of those, but the bottom line is that she needs a touch from God and He is the first place to go every time her illness is seen.

I have asked for the authority to lay hands on the sick and bring healing.

In his book, Healing, Francis MacNutt writes: "The simple and poor followed Jesus because they saw what happened, while the religious leaders tried to figure out what it all meant." It is okay for me to say that from what I have seen God does heal and may not require anyone special to participate.

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