May 3rd, 1995


notes on MacNutt chapter 6

Some people see healing as a proof of the truth of a doctrine. In this view, healing has three purposes.

  1. Healings were worked by Christ to show that he was the Messiah and that he was divine.

  2. They were worked in the early church to show that the church was carrying out the work of Christ and was truly the people of God. This would mean that healing cannot take place today.

  3. They were worked by certain holy persons who could perform miracles to show that they were saints. Jesus' objective is to bring people to him, not to a church. He plans to use ordinary people--he says that the signs will follow the believers, not those who are holy.

"Is the Gospel just a talking game preparing for the hereafter, or does Jesus aid a desperate person who needs help right now?"

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