May 14th, 1995


church notes about light

Light is progressive. "The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn. It shines brighter..." (Proverbs) I need to be patient with myself like I need others to be patient with me. I need to be patient with God--His timing is perfect. He knows when to give what I need.

Light dispels the darkness. I cannot curse the darkness without bringing in light.

The light must come from God.

I have to stay encouraged. I can make a difference with His help.

Light gives direction. Light is life. Light gives a contagious spirit.

If light is hidden, it will burn out. The Holy Spirit is the fuel and Jesus is the match. Tradition can be a basket that hides the light.

Walking as a child of light means that I need to walk in faith and obedience. Sometimes pride gets in the way.

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