May 28th, 1995


church notes: living in the caves

David was anointed and blessed and had been faithful to God. He had a call to be king and still worked in the fields. Then he became a hero and served Saul. Success is not achieved; it is received. It comes through faithfulness.

I have a tendency to be impatient with the things God calls me to do. As soon as I started writing songs, I wanted to start recording and singing in churches. I could do that; I "know" what to do to get the ministry I think God has for me. But it wouldn't really be the ministry He has for me. I need to use this time to get close to Him and for Him to prepare me for His will.

God uses people with needs. The need keeps me close to Him.

Lord, change my heart as You have done so many times before. Make me who You want me to be. I shouldn't be surprised if people I help are not faithful to me. Lord, if I need to endure pain, then help me to endure it willingly and even gladly. Help me to turn to You. Help me to become secure in You through my quiet time and through trusting You to meet my needs.

Jesus chose "losers," and they followed him. They were people he could touch with his love and power. They were used to instability and rejection. Life in him was no harder than their old lives.

Robert Schuller says that some of the greatest ideas come from the most unlikely places.

God puts me right where He wants me to be.

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