December 14th, 1998


reactions to blindness in social situations

Yesterday I went to a church for the second time. An older lady greeted me, handed me a bulletin, and made a rather loud comment about me having someone read it to me later. I was with another girl who is a student at the university. We had gone in while Dad was parking the car. Mom was out of town.

The other girl wasn't that familiar with the church, so we waited around for my dad. The greeting lady came up and started asking me tons of blindness questions. I try to be willing to educate people, especially if they are asking because of family circumstances. But this time I just felt very awkward and trapped. She hadn't said welcome to the church, asked if I needed to knowwhere to go (probably assumed the other girl would take care of me), asked if I minded answering questions, or even told me her name! I was feeling like Exhibit A on blindness. At the same time this was going on, a little kid was saying, "Oh, she can't see!" rather loudly, and his mom was saying, "I guess not," also loudly.

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