April 7th, 2002


God and time

It's hard to understand how God exists outside of time. It's hard even to put it in words, but He is the One who was and is and is to come. He is. "I AM." We experience time because we experience the passage of events. Once an event happens, it is finished. It cannot be reexperienced--at least not physically.

But God is not the experiencer. He is the author of life. Having dabbled in fiction writing, this makes a lot of sense to me. God has a perfect will, an original plan for the story. He knows what He wants to make happen. But as the story progresses, in order for it to be real it must be free to flow. My stories rarely work out the way I originally intended them to, at least not to the letter. I may intend for a character to get a job as a teacher; but if in my story I discover that she needs another experience before she can accomplish it, I have to make room for it. And if in the process of having that experience she makes a mistake and strays off the path to her goal, I have to allow that too. Otherwise the story is forced. She is not a living character.

That's how God is. He created us to be living characters, and therefore He allows our stories to unfold. But He is the author and the editor and the publisher; and if something needs to happen so that our past hurts are healed, He will make it happen. God "restores the years that the locust has eaten".

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