December 31st, 2002


Elli's trip to the vet

I don't know how much longer Elli will be with us. I miss her.

Mom wrote:

I got home last night & knew it was time to take Elli for her last trip to the vet. She's having trouble breathing and eating. And, of course, she's often crippled up. I tried to hurry and go before Boo got home, but of course I had to call Lynda to cry and he came in during the middle of it. Lynda & Harmony left Hobby Lobby to come say their goodbyes ... we all cried (except Harmony), gave Elli marshmallows and hugs, hugged each other. Boo decided to go with me. I called the vet to tell them to expect us and to know that I'm bawling. We helped her in the car ... I even took her toy along to make her feel more comfy. They had kleenex waiting for us. The dr checked her out ... while they were out of the room, I looked down at her Christmas stocking toy which says "Happy Holiday" and cried some more.

He thought she has either tumors or fungus in her nose. Either one would require major treatment which isn't an option for our checkbook or her age. He suggested we try to give her 5 days worth of pain medicine to help her mobility and see if she's able to eat and breathe decently and that would maybe buy her a few more months.

Boo wanted to give it a try (softy). We were worried about cramming the big pill (which costs $4.50 each ... donations are being accepted) into her throat when she's having trouble breathing. But they smell like beef boullion and she just swallowed it like a treat. Pretty soon she was out like a light. This morning she was pretty frisky and ate most of her food. Go figure.

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