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Friday nights and writing songs

I've been worrying because I have to write a song for my songwriting class, and I don't have any ideas. I talked to Beck a couple of hours ago and asked her to pray about my lack of song crisis. Well, I got off the phone and started really getting bored and depressed. I had picked out my five ideas worthy of a great song last Monday, and Gloria seemed to really like two of them, unqualified but chosen and God works most when we don't think He is working. I liked the last one the best. I have been trying to write something about that all week, but I have not been getting anywhere. I was not getting anywhere tonight, either. So I decided to go to bed.

After about 30 minutes, I had a chorus. It says everything I have been thinking. I have been sitting here being afraid of everything I could ever think of. I am worried about Kevin's trial, even though I feel so good about it. I am afraid I will be doomed to spend every friday night for the next 13 weeks in here alone. I am afraid I won't be able to write this song. And I see no point in all the trials I have faced lately. But God has been trying to get my attention even with my own ideas. Why can't I have faith in Him? Haven't I learned yet that He always answers when I call?


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