August 14th, 2004


hurricane update

Yesterday morning around noon the storm was upgraded to a category 4 storm. I didn't know that what I wrote about Gilbert could be so prophetic, and I understand better now why we hadn't known about Gilbert earlier. For some reason, storms can strengthen quickly in the Gulf of Mexico. I really don't understand the mechanics of that, and I can see myself doing a bit of research later because I think I would feel better if I had some kind of understanding about what builds these storms.

The storm (which, by the way, was named Charley) came ashore south of here. We were to expect rain and high winds, but they never came and the evacuation order was lifted this evening. We had only a shower for all that trouble.

I'm back in my house. Amy asked if I wanted to stay one more night, and I considered it. But all the watches and warnings have been cancelled, and I needed to be at home where I could relax and work through my thoughts and feelings more openly.

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