February 17th, 2005


first follow-up exam

I had my follow-up exam this afternoon and learned some interesting things. Apparently instead of putting the conjunctiva flap on, they put on a bit of my old cornea. The implant is in a sort of pocket between layers of my cornea, and there is a hole in my cornea on the inside, so in stage 2 they will remove the bit of old cornea that is on top. So my thought about seeing through my patch wasn't crazy. Because the old cornea was cloudy and part of it is still there, it's expected that my vision will be cloudy. But there is less hazy cornea to look through. In the office my vision checked out at equal to what it was before surgery. I tend to not see well in the office, and I think that I'm already seeing a bit better--at least I have better perception of contrast.

That's about all there is to say today. My throat is hurting badly, and I hope I'm not about to get a cold or bronchitis or something. I need to stay healthy for my eye's sake!


Wednesday afternoon update

Well, the throat pain is now a minor irritation, and my nose is dripping like a nice big raincloud! I took antihistamine, but it only made me feel dopey--I was hoping it would zap my nose so I could nap with my CPAP machine. No more of those! I was having a really good eye day, and "med head" is not compatible with having fun looking at things. I wrote to a friend that I think my immune system is complaining loudly and I wish I could tell it that Alphacor is my friend! Instead, all I know to do is relax as well as I can and hope that emotional relaxation will settle my body down physically.

So what was I enjoying looking at earlier? Well, things most people would probably laugh about--this really feels like deja vu to 1998. I'm blowing my nose a lot, and I keep seeing the tissue moving around and getting a bit captivated because the color is familiar to me. I walked into the living room and saw my dog lying on the floor. Of course, when I got excited and said her name, she jumped up and quit letting herself be a pretty picture for me to stare at. I've also discovered that I can see my fingers and the color of my skin. I don't remember noticing skin color in 1998, but I do remember being able to see it as a child and being fascinated at the concept that people's skin doesn't all look the same. This is sounding very racist, and it's not meant that way at all! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Time for a nap--you know, that dopey feeling is really bugging me...

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