October 29th, 2005


Beth Moore notes, part 1 of 7

I've been working through Beth Moore's study, A Heart Like His. I started this last year with a group meeting at one church and had difficulty finishing it. I'll discuss that in my notes. God opened a door for me to go through it again, and I've stuck with it. I missed a few group sessions but have managed to stick with the material and continue going when I can in spite of missing some sessions. I'm glad I did.

Before I start, I should note that I'll be quoting from two different things:

I got behind during the first couple of weeks of the study this year so took a catch-up week during the first week of this month. I read along in the big book to see what I could glean that wasn't in the member book. Some of the text is identical--the point of the big book is to give the reader the benefit of most of Beth's teaching in a book that can be read passively and reflected on. There is also additional text, and the big book is a nice accompaniment to the workbook (in my opinion, of course). It does not include the teaching material from the videos, so you can't sit at home and do the studies without involving yourself in a study group. This is not a bad thing unless you can't find or get to a study group in your area, and I'm glad that Beth is starting to put some of her studies online.

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