November 19th, 2005


new family member

I'm an aunt--again. Blake Christopher was born yesterday at 5:18 p.m. Woo hoo! No pic of me with him available for my personal page. I held him for all of two minutes before they whisked him off for an X-ray. It was good to see him--it's hard for me to conceptualize new baby until he arrives.

I have a lot of other feelings but don't really feel they're appropriate for a public post. To be honest, I was pretty melancholy for much of the day regarding my own life. Maybe at some point I'll get these into a form that I can post without dishonoring my sister... I don't want to spoil her day by wailing about my life. I AM happy to meet Blake, and I do hope I'll be able to be a better aunt to him than I've been able to be to his sister. That's not really meant as a jab at myself--I lived far away during the first three years of her life, and she built her close bonds with other family members. So our relationship has just never developed much at all, even though for most of the past eight years I've been nearby.

I'm stopping... I'm having a hard time keeping the melancholy out. LOL! Happy birthday, Blake.

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Inca's gift

Inca is not an in-your-face kind of cat. She likes to be petted on her terms, and she NEVER sits in anyone's lap.

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