January 17th, 2006


interesting personality discussion with Dad

My dad and I had an interesting conversation last night. I had asked him to come and talk with me because of some nagging theological questions I was having. That aspect of the discussion was fruitful. Our discussion eventually turned to some other topics as well. One of our pet topics is MBTI profiles.

I've had some basic misconceptions about MBTI terminology for a long time. Our discussion helped to clear those things up, and I'm able to understand some of the explanations on the MBTI sites much more clearly. My vocabulary is not very strong, although I can put ideas together fairly well... So when people use big words, it confuses me.

The info at http://www.personalitypage.com/info.html" points back to Carl Jung for the beginning of the history of work with temperament types.

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This is where my dad and I got into our discussion: I have taken the MBTI (or some variant that yields a profile of my type) a number of times over the years. My type has changed significantly. The first time I took it, I tested as an ENFP with an extremely high extroversion score. So testing as an INFP with such a high introversion score is foreign to me. But the real interesting thing to me is the fact that in recent years I have tested as an INFJ and Dad insists that I am a J type rather than a P. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and wondering what the meaning of this is. Was my temperament masked? Or did something change me?

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