February 28th, 2006


update on the day

Today was a relatively productive day. I got the bathroom cleaned and a little bit of laundry done. Went to therapy this afternoon, and then C was here for a couple of hours. After her mom picked her up, Alexis and I went to dinner with them. Dinner was very good. However, the place was very busy, and Meghan drew quite a bit of attention.

I will never understand why people think it's perfectly acceptable to interrupt my meal to ask me questions about my dog when I am a stranger to them. Most of the time I don't mind explaining a few things, but I do get very tired of having to live by a higher standard of politeness and composure because I'm supposed to be willing to educate the world about blindness and anything related to it at any moment. There are a number of days when I'd like to have a quiet conversation over coffee with a close friend--or even a very serious conversation--or sit somewhere and be deep in thought, walk into a church and be greeted and asked if I need something, have the "good morning" directed at me instead of my dog, etc. Most of all, I'd like for these feelings to indicate a normal degree of emotional health instead of lack of adjustment to my disability or consideration for other people--because the truth is they don't indicate either.

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