June 13th, 2006


quick check in

I have no idea when I'll have time to write today, and I need to write badly. I have a nose doctor appointment at 8:15, and my ride comes in about 20 minutes. I have a child here all day. Alexis has an appointment this afternoon, and we are still working on the neighborhood. So C and I will take a walk during that time and see if Meghan behaves... But I really really need to write:

  • yesterday's route

  • the aCB-L thread, which will be a very long post

  • the obligatory nose update

  • some theological musings on baptism

  • ramblings about me and health impact vs. my general interests and personality

For now, Inca needs some attention and my nose needs its meds.

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    the AC running and Sable finished pigging out