August 4th, 2006


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Strange coincidence... My undergrad acceptance letter for AU arrived on February 3, 1990. I don't make much of things like this, but I do find it interesting.

I'm so glad the heat has broken, at least for a little while! Between that and the fact that I can sit here and read a book (my normal routine) and write in my journal, I'm feeling a lot better emotionally than I have in quite a while! It feels very silly to write that, but feeling silly doesn't make it less true. I need routines. There! I admitted it!

J and C happened to stop by earlier... I was just coming in from a walk with Meghan--more on that below. I invited them in to chat for a few minutes. J commented about how hot it is up here. The comment was strangely validating to me. Normally, my little window units do a decent job of keepint it cool up here; but they just don't do it when it's 90+ degrees outside--or even when the heat has just broken. It's only now starting to cool down; and I hope it stays cool long enough that I can recover some strength.

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J and C were here when I got home. It was great to see them. C is getting taller almost by the week! She may be back next week... I hope so. I've missed her. I gave them the news about my school admission. I don't know how C will take this when she realizes what it means for my daily life. On the other hand, when she knows what I'm doing, she's one of the biggest supporters I have, even if she doesn't understand it all. She was as excited as her mom was about the big news!

I feel a bit like I have an entirely new house with the new computer, newly fixed scanner, etc. After all this Christmas in July, it's time for a clean slate, so to speak. I have a gazillion things I want/need to do, and my mind is racing with them all. Perhaps soon I can sit down and organize my thoughts as well as some of this paperwork around here! I had started making very good headway on that before the scanner fiasco... Maybe I'll get it all done in the next 12 years! (Hopefully the next 12 weeks!) For now I should organize my sleep!

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