August 15th, 2006


web site and nose rambling

The new scanner is rather a dream! I scanned two books yesterday, about 600 pages total. I never thought that I might like computerized scanning... There are some aspects I like a whole lot--and a few that I don't. The primary advantage is the tremendous speed--and if I was on a newer computer, I might get even better speed (if my fingers were fast enough at flipping pages).

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Post-surgery follow-up no. 1 is this morning at 8:30. I anticipate a generally good report. I'd like a bit of improvement in terms of congestion. I learned yesterday that Medicaid will not pay for Claritin. I'm tempted to ask how much it is and try to pay for it myself; but I really can't afford to pay for another medication without better income. So I may have to ramp up the anti-congestion strategies a bit and see what I can do without it... Medicaid will pay for other antihistamines, but they affect me adversely. I'll leave this alone for now and see what happens at the follow-up this morning with the cleaning. This afternoon I'll clean house like a maniac, de-allergy the kitties, etc. We'll see how all that helps. Generally, I don't de-allergy the cats for myself, but perhaps it will make a difference.

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nose update

Not much to report on the nose front this morning. I have some remaining swelling, and he expects it to continue for another week to ten days. This was a bit of a surprise to me, but he said there's not really a way to predict the swelling time. Other than that, he thinks it's healing well.

He did recommend changing my CPAP to a machine that includes a humidifier. I'm hoping this will help with my morning congestion. The company rep is supposed to call me and arrange to come out and change machines. It's about time for a new mask anyway.

I'm scanning again... C is here, and we're contemplating lunch and afternoon activities. This afternoon, I will be rearranging the kitchen, making way for that dishwasher.

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Inca update

Inca's home. She had a very large stool and got an enema. So far she seems to be feeling much better. When I took her out of the carrier, she was purring up a storm! She's walking around the house, not yowling, and we'll see how the next few days go. If she continues vomiting, I'll take her back for a full blood panel. At this point, I'm feeling very hopeful. The vet said to give her canned pumpkin and try the food with added water trick like I did when I came home from Florida to see if she can get some extra hydrration. She likes that as an evening routine, so we'll just institute it again.

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