November 22nd, 2006


update on the kitty and transcription of phone post about what I had in my bag

I've been awake very late, doing some writing. I'm now going to bed, but I wanted to post a quick update first.

For the benefit of the non-phone-post-enabled, a piece of news...

I'll make you click it just because I am mean and want you to go on a treasure hunt. Collapse )

Inca gave me only her friendly, happy meows this evening. I think the pumpkin did the trick. My happy, purry kitty is back!

Meg goes to the vet for another blood draw in the morning. Then I turn into a cleaning and baking maniac...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bam! Stopping the spam jam, putting spam behind the dam, Yes ma'am!

One last thing before bed...

I'm trying a new spam solution. It's a plugin for Outlook Express called SpamBrave Lite. (There is another version for commercial use that coses $34.95.) You have to train it a bit, but if your existing spam solution is crummy it may be worthwhile. I've spent part of the last couple of hours installing it and training it with about 30 spam that were sitting in my inbox and several folders of non-spam. This is still an extremely primitive trial--it's supposed to "learn" as time goes and you feed it additional spam that it hasn't caught. However, I'll post early Thursday morning and provide the count of successfully nabbed spam vs. un-nabbed spam, nabbed "unsures," and nabbed "oopsies" (aka those aren't spam they are mine). Perhaps this will improve my time management in the spring. I can hope... So far it's already picking up a bunch that I was having to delete manually. I'm guardedly impressed.

Download it here, and make sure you get SpamBrave Lite for your home computers.

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spam stats: victory at last

8.5 hours into my spam experiment, here are the results so far:

87 in the spam folder, all correctly identified
37 in the unsure folder (3 incorrect)
15 that I had to manually remove from the inbox--I'll mark them as spam later. For now they are stored in a temp folder.

Most impressive, it is removing those annoying messages with the strange characters in the from: field that set off my neurological symptoms when my computer reads them aloud! Yes!!! SpamBrave is a winner!

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