November 29th, 2006


general update on school and health

There are essentially two weeks left: one "real week and then finals. I'm almost done with my first 12 hours of grad school. Did I really do this???

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I am in the middle of a major arthritis flare. I always know it's coming when I can't come up from doing laundry in the basement without being extremely tired. That happened on Monday morning. That's the sign of a level 1, which I cannot feel. I am now up to pain in multiple sites that Darvocet sort of controls. This is in spite of being on Naprosyn 500 mg twice a day. I think it's time to call the rheumatologist and explore my options. I'm sort of afraid there are no better ones, just alternative ones. And it's relatively warm right now... It will be down in the 20s this weekend, and I hope that doesn't mean I will be in excruciating pain--while trying to study...

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I cracked the spam jam!

Spam filtering accuracy: 83.94 percent. Spam ratio: 57.4 percent.

At least, that's the short version after a week of using SpamBrave. It really does learn from its mistakes. And the good news is that I've only had 21 false positives.

I really like this solution to my spam problem! I'm going to have a lot more time for myself from now on!

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