January 16th, 2007


Let the fun begin: my personal fall ... on the ice

The streets are not salted. Melanie was concerned about the car not having any traction on the way in to school this morning. I got a personal taste of it: took a nice dive in the middle of College Drive, right in front of a car that was waiting to go. I hope the drivers are paying attention... This stuff really makes me a bit nervous!

Time to get serious... History begins.

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campus goings-on

I'm ok after the ice incident. However, my throat hurts, and I have the migraine to beat all migraines. No wonder I couldn't pay attention in class or chapel... Let's see... Someone took the lock off my locker and put it on some other locker. It's a special one with things you click in certain ways instead of a combination, so it's sort of easy to pick if someone is perssistent. I'm not very happy about it. Can't people go buy their own locks? Just because I don't have books in my locker doesn't mean the stuff in there isn't important to me... I happened to decide to play around with all the lockers and see if anyone had pilfered it. I was right: it was on another locker. I stole it back.

I still have another class, at 6:00. I am sleepy.

And hungry.

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