January 30th, 2007


report on the day

I must say that I am relatively happy with how the day has gone. It could have gone a bit more smoothly; but there were no major catastrophies, and I got all the homework done that I had scheduled. I've also had a good nap and I'm getting to bed earlier than I expected. (The 3:00 A.M. kick does, however, need to stop, as it does not promote healing. Then again, nothing much seems to be promoting healing.)

I am writing from the whiz-bang new desktop computer, which is a scanner's and music listener's dream. I should have used this thing as the new CD machine! Well, I have a back-up in case I ever should need it. When that CD will get done is anyone's guess--if you've seen my schedule, it should be obvious that it won't be within the next few weeks.

I remember having a theory in undergrad that there were combinations of classes that "worked together" and combinations that didn't. I seem to have a combination that doesn't work well: a couple of theology courses, a history course, and a Biblical studies course. I'm not sure who I thought I was kidding; but it seems I'll be experiencing some growing pains this semester. I'm still trying to find the humor in the fact that I can't sing, that my throat goes into spasms with every deep breath. ... And my doctor is out of town. If it didn't hurt, I would scream! Maybe THAT is the humor. If only I could let out a huge belly laugh!

6:00 A.M. is on its way. See you all in the morning. I think I may utilize the couch in the student lounge tomorrow...

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today's goings-on

Modified from an email to kl1964:

  • I aced the quiz over 11 Webber chapters yesterday.

  • I took a slew of notes during first half of history.

  • I brought snacks, liquids, and dinner for my day.

  • My new computer recognized 180 pages during the night and then saved them in three minutes. The laptop takes 15 minutes to save that many pages.

  • My nose doctor says it can take up to eight weeks to kick this particular illness. He is calling me in meds for the nebulizer and refills on the Lortab. Unfortunately the Lortab has certain sort of unwanted side effects. I'll just have to deal with it for a while. At least I'll be good and awake and get lots of work done.

  • Got my chapter read this afternoon and worked a bit on my "once saved always saved" paper. At this point I am just collecting references.

My voice is moderately functional--not for singing but for some class discussion. The air is extremely cold and dry. I would probably heal more quickly if it was not so. My lungs feel brittle.

On the agenda later: scanning and working on a paper that is due on Monday... (More about that in another entry later.) I'll be doing this tomorrow as well as reading my theology chapter.

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