February 27th, 2007


a poll about aunts

I'm sick and stir crazy... Humor me please.

Poll #936481 Who's your aunt?

What do you call your aunt?

Aunt (sounds like caught)
Aunt (sounds like ant)
Aunt (sounds like ain't)
Auntie (sounds like ontie)
Auntie (sounds like Antie)
Auntie (sounds like Aintie)
Just her name
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catching up on life

A quick review for those not getting the protected entries: I've had a stomach virus of some sort since 3:30-ish Sunday morning. The last time I had a real meal was Saturday night. I've consumed two cans of soup and a handful of crackers since then. They don't go over well. The doctor says if I'm not better by Thursday to call back--they aren't open tomorrow. (What is it with doctors and Wednesdays, anyway?) I am so hungry that I am becoming belligerent. I WANT FOOD!!!

I am going to class. I give the presentation on feminist theology this evening, and I've worked too hard not to miss it. Besides the fact that I can't eat, I am feeling all right by now. I sat up and did homework for the last two days, and I've done a bit of laundry with help today. It's all sitting here waiting to be put away before I sink into a nice, clean, germ-free bed...

Tomorrow should be much less stressful. I have finished the paper that's due on Thursday, and I only have two chapters to read. I might even be able to take a free day soon--a very modarate one because my 15-page history paper is due in six weeks and I'd like to start reading much earlier than I did last semester.

I'll post notes on feminist theology here since there has been some interest expressed. I'll put it behind a cut for the benefit of those who would rather skip it. It's been a fascinating project, and I actually ended up having to cut some stuff out of the presentation.

Must go get ready for class--ride is on the way.

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feminist theology and the historical Jesus

Ready or not, here they come!

These are actually "scratch notes," and I had to cut the presentation down. You get the real version. There is a ton of stuff in Schottroth's book that I did not get in here because I knew it would be far too much. I only have five minutes to do the portion from the beginning up to the critiques. The critiques may or may not get done in class--our time seems to be rather lop-sided. I could discuss this for a long, long time--and considering the fact that I dreaded the assignment, I consider this an accomplishment of mammoth proportions this semester.

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Cross-posting to my other journal because I'll have reflections to write there at some point--hopefully tomorrow.

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