March 14th, 2007


end of day rambling

I've gone through three sources for my history book today, scanned three books for my theology paper and started another book for my history paper. I got almost all the laundry put away and some vacuuming done. I think I might be on a roll; but I'm feeling pretty stressed. I really need to work a lot fastar through the rest of the week if I'm going to get this stuff moving along nicely... I still have a big book to read for Monday and other stuff to work on as well. I have my physical on Friday in preparation for dog class in May and an eye exam on Monday.

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We'll see how it goes. For now I'm going to try to get a little sleep and prepare for a full work day tomorrow punctuated by an appointment to wind up eight years of therapy. I'm obviously doing reasonably ok, and that's something to write home about. Maybe at some point I will write a little bit on this. I'm not sure entirely how much I want to write in a public post or how I want to do it; but I need to do something to recognize this.

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