March 19th, 2007


the grocery trip

Groceries have been bought. I think maybe I can make this work. Shopping with Mom was rather amusing. As soon as we stepped into the store, she saw a display of huge organic leeks: three for $2.99. Well, they were probably based on weight... But there were three gigantic leeks in the bundle she picked out for me. She had never seen them that big. So Wednesday will be a serious cooking day--I would like to cook earlier but doubt that I will. Much too much to do between now and then... I have two straight very long days away from home between now and then.

We passed by many things that Mom thought to ask if I wanted or needed. I kept saying, "Can't have it." Finally, she said, "You're going to lose weight!" (That won't be a bad thing necessarily.)

I pampered myself with one item that I am going to cook with spices on Saturday as a challenge food of sorts. For one thing, I need something fun to cook. For another thing, I don't think I've had this since my grandmother died and I've wanted one for some 15 years. I bought a three and a half pound brisket for $16. It's definitely a treat!

Now I'm cooking a roast overnight so I can make a salad in the morning to take with me. I really hope this works. I'm still feeling extremely stressed about my work. I'm going to try to let go emotionally of some of the stress. There is just only so much I can do; and I have four hours to sleep and I desperately need sleep.

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upddate on the eye appointment

The eye appointment this morning went reasonably well. He looked at me, took pictures of my eye, and did ultrasounds of both eyes. I have a membrane over the Alphacor that needs to be removed, so that will be done sometime next month--probably toward the end of the month. I am hoping to do it on a Wednesday so as not to miss any class. Going back to class the next day should be a fascinating experiment. I hope the pain meds drug me up nicely. Fortunately they do use Lortab. It is an awake procedure, and I reminded him that he had to do three pain blocks last time. He thinks he'll only have to do one this time. We shall see... I'm not holding my breath, and I am not looking forward to the thing around my head pushing the fluid out of my eye. I think I will ask for IV meds before prep procedures... I don't know whether I will get them or not. I will take klonopin that day...

Just rambling. I have an 8 headache and must go write a paper. I'd rather be in bed with the kitties.

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