March 29th, 2007


update on Meg and me

Meg is having more episodes. I can tell that she is also having more pain. I suspect that they are related. I am considering upping her pain meds and seeing if that will stop the seizures before considering antiepileptics. Retirement is fast approaching. At this point, I am hoping she makes it through the commissioning service, when she will be recognized with the senior students. Anything she can do past that point will be a blessing. My surgery will likely be approaching fast after that; so Meg stopping working will not be a big deal except that it will be hard emotionally. Time to order another cane... I'm not looking forward to this at all...

Rheumatology... I meet diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia; but that does not explain the pain in my wrists and hands. There is no evidence of osteoarthritis on my X-rays. I am never to take aspirin or NSAIDs again due to my reaction to Daypro. (That is no surprise.) She wants a bone scan and bloodwork done next Wednesday. I don't know what she's looking for exactly; but I did take note of the possibility of osteonecrosis caused by long-term steroiid use. This may be a key thing since I have at one time been on as many as four inhalers and Pred forte ophthalmic as often as every two hours.

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dinner, interrupted--and my beautiful dog

I really wish that Frank had not eaten my voice posts this month... I need to rant, and I need to rant about something that I truly hope does not scare off any of my sighted readers. In fact, I hope you will read this and help me to educate people because this particular issue is very difficult for me to deal with.

This evening, I went to dinner with some friends. Two of us have dog guides. We were in the middle of a rather sensitive discussion, and an elderly couple came by the table and said we had beautiful dogs. I turned and said, "Thank you," and then turned back toward my friends, trying to indicate that I did not want to chat about my dog. They actually stood there and kept on asking questions. Each time I would turn, answer as absolutely briefly as I could without being rude, and turn away.

This is the second incident like this in a few days' time. On Monday, we were eating out, and someone came up and asked to pet the dogs while we were in the middle of a discussion. I wasn't as polite then. I was in pain and full of a lot of coffee, and I had a lot more boldness. I said to the person, "We're eating!" I was hoping to get across the message that the dinner table is not the place to pet dogs and that I didn't appreciate being interrupted any more than they would if they were conversing over dinner.

I really don't know how to handle these situations at all. I have gone through my life with an overemphasis on the importance of social skills. I've been expected to learn what is right and wrong in what is expected in various situations, what is considered intrusive, etc. Sighted people here, there, and everywhere have no problem correcting whatever behavior or practice of mine they don't like. So I find it very offensive when sighted people intrude on my space, don't respect my privacy, etc.--all the basic things people have been teaching me since early childhood. But the proper response isn't to lash out at them. But hte proper response is also not to allow myself to be intruded upon. So I need to find an adequate solution...

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