April 25th, 2007


text snippets and reflection on the spring concert

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My frame of mind was very needful over the weekend, and my hearing was very distorted. I was able to sing adequately, but I was not able to understand much of what was going on. I thought while I was there that the acoustics and sound were awful. Listening to the recording later, I realized that the problem was largely my distorted hearing. I was very thankful that I had taken the recorder. I caught only a few snippets of what was said and sung while I was there, but it was enough that I knew that God was trying to get my attention. When the group from Illinois was singing, the leader called at one point, "If he's ever made a way for you, you oughta get up out of your seat and praise him!" The singers launched into a chorus of nothing but, "Oh, Jesus," while the leader did some ad libs. Normally I find this kind of thing taxing to listen to; but it was hypnotic for me and very comforting. At this point in my life, my faith is the one thing that gives me stability. It doesn't depend on the stability of my circumstances as it did when I was younger; but it is the stability amid the craziness that is my circumstances. Without it, I could not cope with all these things. That's worth a bit of "Oh, Jesus!"

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