May 1st, 2007


finals week is here

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One bright spot is visible. Two volumes of Hebrew book arrived this afternoon. I will not be behind in class next week. And I studied on the porch with flowers this evening.

Oh yes... Inca purred me a nice long story this evening.

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two finals down

Church history final is done! I've been going around saying, "No more church history!" I probably shouldn't say it so jubilantly in the professor's hearing. I actually enjoy learning the material. I don't enjoy memorizing for exams at all. This has been a very difficult semester for me due to illness and its impact on my emotional and mental state. I have often asked questions of professors and gotten the response, "We discussed this on xxx day." I was certainly present; but my notes often have significant gaps or places where I have written something like, "I don't understand this," or, "I missed this; get notes from someone." I often could not write quickly enough--being so sick slowed my thinking and transcription time significantly. I also caught myself nodding off a few times--being without sleep because pain meds keep me awake at all hours of the night will do that to me. Then there were the notes I missed because I was just plain not tracking... Most of this had to do with being emotional about Meg. So I am very glad to be done with a class that was very taxing for me mentally. I can read church history sources anytime--and I'll enjoy it a lot more when I don't have pressure to remember the material or formulate just the right kind of response.

Now a brief break, and then to work on the exegesis paper...

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    the cats bathing and chowing and Meg snoring