May 14th, 2007


couple of Hebrew thoughts

It occurs to me that making another chart would be a wise idea: a chart showing the layout of the Hebrew keyboard. In fact, for grins, I may just install the original Windows Hebrew keyboard as well and chart this, too, for the benefit of people who don't want to use Logos. Tomorrow will be a day for finishing editing the JAWS braille tables if I can. I spent the weekend going through my audio files and pulling out the most important sections so that I don't have to listen to hours and hours in order to review. Hopefully I will be ready to take tests soon.

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cat memories

As my username suggests, I have three cats. My oldest is Inca. She is eleven years old, and she has been with me since late June, 1996. At one time, she was my only cat. Sierra, my gray cat, was the next cat to become "mine" in April, 2003; so I began calling them Black and Gray One. Sable's entrance into my personal household is a long story, and I will save it for another entry. Sable is also black, and she is bigger than Inca. Occasionally I refer to Inca as "Little Black," but usually she is just "my Black."

Inca and I have a little routine that is very special to me. (We just finished this because I can't sleep, and this is what prompted me to write it down.) For a long time during her kittenhood, she didn't like to be touched. Nothing could be farther from the truth now. She loves to curl up on the couch while I kneel in front of it and put my arms around her and rub her head, pet her all over, etc. If she isn't already there, she will initiate the routine by meowing around the house until I come and kneel at the couch, and then she will jump up and pace around, butt her head against me a few times, and purr and rub against me until she finds a good place to curl up or sprawl. I call this little routine "hugging my cat" (or whatever nickname I choose to use that day). My favorite part is burying my face in her fur and listening to her purr. It reminds me of the first time I ever slept with a kitten.

I was nine years old; and after a lot of begging, my parents allowed me to get a kitten from the neighbor across the street. I chose the baby black one and named her Copy Cat (Copy for short). She was extremely affectionate and tolerant of anything that my little sister and I did to her. My sister once stuffed her in a backpack and tried to take her down the street to a friend's hous. But on this particular afternoon, when she was still only a few weeks old, I took a rare nap on my parents' bed. Copy snuggled up on the pillow next to my face and purred her little heart out. I loved the feeling of the warm fur against my face, and the purring sound was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I don't think I've ever had a better nap in my life!

That is what I remember when I hug my little black kitty on the couch.

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