May 20th, 2007


worship experience and thoughts about God making me strong

I heard the most amazing song in church today. It is very hard to describe the effect in words, but I want to try to do it here. If you want to hear some fantastic music, visit my church's web site and order a CD or today's service. They do not broadcast music on the Web due to copyright licensing restrictions. The tapes are $2, and CDs are $3.

The choir sings the phrase, "We are not a lone," and "God is with us," throughout the song with stress on different words in each phrase. Sometimes the word "we" is punctuated for emphasis. Over all of this, the soloist sings:

We are never alone, for God is with us.
We are never alone, for God is with us now, [choir is singing a minor chord]
Through all of our days [chord quietly moves down to major], always [down to the next major chord and swells],
Forever and ever.
We are never alone. [choir backs off and sings quietly]

And God will make us strong, for God is with us now.
We will press on, for God is with us now,
Through all of our days, always,
Forever and ever.
We are never alone.

Our God is with us now.

One of my professors begins his emails, "Greetings in the strong name of Jesus." I have always loved the verse in 2 Corinthians that talks about God's strength being perfect in our weakness; but I learn anew as I get older what it means for God to make me strong as I press on and what it means to have childlike faith. I sometimes think that I spend all of my childhood trying to "grow up" only to spend my adulthood trying to become childlike again.

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