May 28th, 2007


Day 3: suspense is over!

Dog is here. She is a Labrador/golden cross named Loretta. She leaned up against me and only cried a little bit. It probably helped that I had food in here. It was taken away and stuck in the food closet after I made them promise to label it for me so that she could be eating it later. I've tried some simple obedience with her, and she's quite responsive. She's also a paw giver--I haven't had a paw giver since Elli. She is bigger than Meg, but her hair is very similar. Her tail is very fluffy (a golden characteristic typically). Her pace is very much like Meg's, and she feels like she's just going along, ready to conquer the Hebrew book. She certainly won't mind my little worship breaks on the bridge--she loves to sniff the air but gets nicely back on track with one voice command.

We took a little stroll around the leisure path and had a grooming session, and now we're just hanging out waiting for dinner time--for both of us.

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    Loretta sighing--very soon Loretta sighing and Meg snoring