May 30th, 2007


quick pre-breakfast entry: Loretta update and dress code thoughts

Loretta had a rough night last night. She took advantage of a 10:00 parktime and was restless and whining at 3:30. It was very hard to get her to lie back down, and I suspected this was due to her need to relieve herself. She did not touch her water this morning and peed as soon as we got out the door. I'll be speaking to pete at breakfast.

My pain level is tolerable this morning. I can walk normally but do notice some irritation. I am taking a break from supports for a day--they actually tire me since I'm not quite used to them--but opted for pain meds to give me a bit of comfort so that I can focus on working with Loretta instead of on managing my discomfort responses.

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Later this morning, thoughts about dog handling and probably more historical stuff...

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