June 25th, 2007


Loretta at camp meeting

Loretta's work during camp meeting has been amazing! For one thing, she has to deal with untold numbers of people who often pet even though they know better. I often ask people not to pet or even remove their hands bodily from her, only to hear them say, "I've heard you aren't supposed to pet them." Many people assume that she's still in training when they see me correct her for various behaviors or redirect her attention when she is distracted. It is tiring and difficult to explain that a dog guide finishes "training," (learning to guide) but must constantly be given direction regarding what my expectations of her are in a given situation. The guide work is the easy part.

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Hmm... I just realized that I never posted my entries from Friday evening or Sunday morning. I need some sleep; but I am making myself a note to do this at the first opportunity tomorrow. Important context is missing from this post without them.

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