August 8th, 2007


Voice Post: about this weather

I'm whining about the heat, and Alexis is making me laugh unexpectedly. The best thing about this post is that I thought Frank ate it--I got disconnected while reviewing it. But here it is!

As usual, the autotranscription is hilariously wrong... For those who can't hear the post, "fog" should be "fall," and my description of what Alexis did to make me laugh is left out. Obviously poor Mr. Transcriber can't understand me when I'm laughing. Alexis fell on the floor in response to me saying I wanted fall.

216K 1:05
“I moved away from Florida to get away from this kind of weather. It is not even 10:00 in the morning. The weather it is just about 10:00 in the morning & it is 88 degrees. Last night at 10:30 at night it was still 88 degrees. I want fog now. ___ at least there's somebody here to make me laugh ___ I want cool weather now, she's putting your cold feet on me.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post
I Believe

reading the Hebrew Bible

I've been reading Hebrew passages for several weeks now. By this time, I'm not just reading little passages that seem to have been crafted. I'm into the story of Joseph and his brothers. It is obvious that it has been edited slightly in order to accommodate the fact that certain things have not yet been introduced; but it is very readable--and very gripping. I am finding that the act of translating it back into English is creating new opportunities for me to stop and meditate on the implications of the story. When I simply read it in English, I have to force myself to stop and figure out those implications, search for reasons why little details are so important. The Hebrew language has a way of bringing things to attention via repeated words or use of unusual word order that English just can't do; and when I stop and think about how to put those things into English, I have to ask myself why those things are there and what the significance really is. For the first time in my life, I find myself getting excited about this and making fascinating discoveries as I read! It makes me want to keep up my skill with this and become able to do it more efficiently. I'm still a very slow reader/translator!

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