August 17th, 2007

I Believe

school update

I have been working today on planning my study strategy for the fall semester. Life is once again going to get interesting. A little break is good--it will give me time to charge up for what is coming.

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This was mostly for my benefit--I need to keep track of my planning progress. But I also know that a few people are interested in what's going on with school, so I thought I would post it.

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I Believe

just rambling

The weather is cooler than it has been in weeks. I am working toward bringing my other journal up to date. I've decided that it is useful for me to be able to specifically track my progress in seminary and related matters; and I haven't updated it since April.

I'm still feeling out of sorts in various ways. Nothing is really as out of sorts as I feel. Something just needs to shift inside me. I do still have a few books to scan for the women in ministry class. They are small; but they are not even on my bookshelf yet. I'd like to sit on my porch and read some more Hebrew--I'd like to finish the chapters in the book so that I might be capable of doing some portions of my OT readings in Hebrew for the sake of keeping up my skills. I don't want to have worked this hard only to lose the skills. And my porch is nice when it is this cool out.

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