September 15th, 2007


Voice Post: The Morning Report

520K 2:44
“In this particular voice post, 3kitties is about to feed her dog. She puts the bowl down and says, "Good Girl!" And then her dog eats. She says that today, she plans to do some laundry and to read and tackle that large bulk of homework! Then she lets the dog out after she finishes her breakfast and says how she slept remotely pretty well last night, but she had some very strange dreams about church! And in terms of the weather, it is cold in her neck of the woods! Cause you see it's like only in the 40's and the high is only going to be around 58 today. And being somebody who grew up in Texas, 40's was like the dead of winter! And it's only September! Cause the seasons in her area go from cool, to hot, to cool again, and then to bitter cold! She wishes there was an inbetween hot and cool, like warm or something, but oh well. And other than that, I think that concludes this morning's edition of The Morning Report!”

Transcribed by: celrock
I Believe

good things

Woo hoo! I have done 20 pages, got the first half of my paper done, and posted in my online class forum! I am sort of on a roll! It is downhill from here!

I forgot something yesterday. I had a frosty and found four chocolate cookies (Chips Ahoy pack) stashed in my cabinet. So I get to post five good things from yesterday.

  1. The weather was gorgeous.
  2. I read 40 pages despite a cold and a sinus headache.
  3. Meg was very playful and fun.
  4. Mom brought me soup.
  5. I had a good conversation with an old friend.

Those are just the small ones. Since five is a weird number, I'll just tack on that my hearing aids are back! That, of course, got its own post.

Now back to work...

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