October 1st, 2007

I Believe

update on school and life

I am still very swamped with homework. I need a day off to just sleep. It isn't going to happen anytime soon. The reading is piling up, and it is crunch time with the papers. I have been awake since 5:00, and I need to go to bed and try to start early in the morning. The trouble is that I don't know whether I can sleep at all. My mind is swimming with homework, and I dream about it... Taking two Bible classes and a theology class really was not a great idea; and I don't really like having class, chapel, 30-minute lunch, chorus, 30-minute break, and class back-to-back on Tuesday even if it does mean getting home early. I think I got a bit spoiled last spring with the big break in between classes, when I worked on papers, studied for quizzes, etc.

There are some good things. It seems that taking flax seed oil has been helpful with my concentration. My quiz scores are better on the whole this semester than they were last spring, which indicates that I am retaining more information, which indicates that I am benefitting in alertness and memory from something (which I suspect is the flax). My pain level has been tolerable without meds today. Some headway has been made regarding CPE discussions. I am brainstorming about various possibilities to see whether anything might become possible with my preferred location. What will happen next, probably, is that I will meet with some CPE supervisors to ask some questions about various programs, determine how I feel about their openness to working with me, determine possible alternate locations, and figure out where I want to submit applications.

Teaching was a positive experience yesterday. I think that my experience last spring was helpful in building my confidence as well as teaching me how to prepare for discussions. I am somewhat encouraged. I think I will enjoy this.

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