October 18th, 2007

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surgery thoughts and reminiscences

I have had four eye surgeries in the last nine years. As I explain in my Intro post on January 10, 2005 my blindness is caused by damage to the retina (at the back of my eye) which is the result of premature birth. I developed additional problems with my eye as I got older, including damage to my cornea caused by prolonged elevated pressure in the eye. This combined with a detaching retina caused a total loss of my remaining vision in 1998. In December, 1998, I had surgery to repair a detaching retina. At the same time, I also had a cornea transplant. In 2001, I had a second transplant because the one had failed. In 2005, I had another transplant but received an artificial cornea implant because the second transplant had failed. Each transplant failure resulted in the loss of the small amount of vision which had been restored by the retinal surgery. Currently, there is a membrane which has developed behind the implant and is blocking light from getting into the eye. This means that no one can see in and I cannot see out. Today's surgery is to remove the membrane.

I thought that it might be interesting for some people to read some past entries about my surgeries and recoveries; so I put together a few links.

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This is probably enough for now... I will have more musings later and perhaps link to more entries if people like this. It's a bit therapeutic for me; but I can revisit this stuff anytime since it's all on my hard drive. I am often asked about the prognosis, though, and I hope it is a bit enlightening to have some kind of idea of what is and what isn't possible, at least in one situation.

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Voice Post

I am rambling from the car on the way home from surgery. My voice is scratchy, but I manage to make my dad laugh as I talk about his refusal to partake of Starbucks.

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Voice Post

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“This is a verious(?) serious voice post. I've just depatched(?) my face meaning I've ___ off tape and took the patch off my eye and now yes you can hug and now walking through thank you my house. And the doctor said that the vision in my eye would come out obscure when I can see but it's so fun to try. So I'm going to turn on lights. I see a box that I put on the radiator. I do see that dog. Things are so blurry and I'm giving her beat so that's all.”

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