November 6th, 2007

I Believe

loud/distorted audio and video presentations

In my afternoon class, we are watching video presentations. It's all fine, and I don't mind the fact that I can't see the visual portions. What I do mind is the horrible audio quality! The audio sounds like it's coming from a tin can, and it is echoing through this room. All of my energy is going to deciphering the words, and I'm going to have a migraine by the time this is over from these frequencies going into my brain! This is something that happens a lot in churches when there are special presentations, unbalanced sound during music, etc. I really wish that people would be sensitive to this without those with special needs having to disclose... Doesn't this stuff hurt other people's ears??? Isn't it hard to understand? Or do people just not mind? I'd like to find productive ways to educate about this; but it seems like when I try to talk about it, even in a reasonable manner, I am interpreted as just asking for something I need personally or griping about the loudness, etc. It is much more involved than that, and it isn't just about me though it certainly does affect me.

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