November 13th, 2007

I Believe

morning thoughts

I thought I had Windows update set to run automatically on my laptop.

Apparently not. There are 35 critical updates downloading as I write this.

I see the eye doctor again on Friday. I sincerely hope he will lower the ophthalmic Prednisone dose. I am now down to 8 mg oral again. I am not coping well with "Prednisone mood." I am very grateful for the years of intensive therapy I went through in the past at this point. Without them I don't think I would be handling this well at all. I would like to disclose a bit of what life in this state is like, but I am afraid I would regret posting it later. I'm posting a lot of private entries... Perhaps when this is all over, I will make some sense of them and do something about educating. I think it matters that people "outside" understand what these meds do to a person's thinking--and also what they don't do. One of the important things I've learned is that they don't alter my personality, really. They just amplify things that are lurking and need to be addressed; and if I don't address them, then those things do change me. It is the failure to be in touch with my own self that alters who I appear to be--and perhaps who I am...

Enough depth for this hour of the morning. Must go attend to Windows Update. I should really be finishing some homework that is due. But that is not happening at the moment.

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